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Child in Air Yoga

Ages 0 - 18

Supports individuals under 18 and their families with a variety of programs to help meet their needs and goals


Our Outreach program supports families raising children with developmental disabilities experiencing social, emotional and/or behavioural challenges. We work collaboratively with the family on specific goals and provide parenting and behavioral strategies.


The Gateways program supports families raising children with developmental disabilities who are experiencing additional barriers (mental health, multiple children with disabilities, low income and/or English as a second language) in accessing resources and services in the community. Gateways also supports with the transition of children with a developmental disability to adult services, including assisting with applications, future planning, and ensuring the child has supports in place when they turn 18.


The Triple P program is a scientifically researched, curriculum-based parenting program for families of children aged 2 – 17. This program offers tools and strategies to help parents encourage positive behaviour, build a good relationship with their child, help teach new skills and encourage development and manage misbehaviour, as well as supporting parents to take care of themselves, cope with stress and gain confidence.


Our family counselling program supports families who have children with disabilities, parents who require support facing challenges related to their child’s disability and can be provided for parents, or for the whole family.

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