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The Gateways program supports families raising children with developmental disabilities who are experiencing additional barriers (mental health, multiple children with disabilities, low income and/or English as a second language) in accessing resources and services in the community. Gateways also supports with the transition of children with a developmental disability to adult services, including assisting with applications, future planning, and ensuring the child has supports in place when they turn 18.

Looking for specific disability resources for children and youth? Check out navigate for kids which is a free resource created by SCOPE that will help you find relevant services from other agencies!

GATEWAYS: Resources


Are there any eligibility requirements to access this service?

The child must be eligible for supports through Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD).

Is there a cost?

This is a free service

How do we get support?

Referrals for this program may be made by parents, professional or supporting community members. Contact us for more information.

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