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Seniors 45+

Supporting older adults in the community

Seniors: Project


The Journeys team supports older adults (45+) with developmental disabilities as well as age-related and mental health diagnoses in both Calgary and in Ridgestone Lodge in Black Diamond. The program provides support based on the needs and wants of each individual client, from 5 hours of day support per week to a 24 hour staffed residence. From proactive health care to assistance in finding and securing appropriate housing to facilitating leisure opportunities, Journeys successfully supports people to live very active lives in their community.
Referrals can be made by the individual, family, health care provider, PDD or supporting community members.


Ridgestone Lodge shares the vision of the Journeys Calgary program, supporting individuals in a purpose-built lodge to support aging people. Ridgestone Lodge is fully accessible, with resident suite’s all on one main floor. Each suite is equipped with its own roll-in shower, as well as both emergency on-call systems installed in the private space in every suite and a portable device for individual residents to carry on their person if they so choose. Residents also have a number of shared spaces within the lodge, and are actively involved in determining how these spaces are used. Ridgestone Lodge itself is an active community, and we support individuals to have active involvement in the community around them as well.

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