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Our Story

Behind the Scenes

SCOPE has supported individuals with developmental disabilities for over 30 years. Our core departments support children, youth, and families (Outreach), adults with mental health diagnoses (Community Support Team), and Seniors (Journeys). The Community Development department facilitates advocacy efforts (Disability Action Hall) and hosts the Picture This Film Festival.
Individuals served by SCOPE enjoy a flexible program and service that is customized according to their own preferences and needs. One size does not fit all, and every individual is entitled to pursue their dreams and goals on their terms. Person-centred planning is the cornerstone of SCOPE’s values and services.
SCOPE is a leader in the community of disability services, specializing in creative ways of helping individuals live full lives in a community setting regardless of their level of need. Its services are frequently sought for a smaller proportion of individuals who have had repeated unsuccessful placements or chronic hospitalization.
We believe that the best services are based in relationship; our role is to create services that work for the individual.

Mission Statement

"The Calgary SCOPE Society works in alliance with people with disabilities, their families and friends, and other community members to understand problems and create solutions to personal and social justice issues."

Guiding Principles

​"We strive for the highest possible quality in all of our work by promoting:"

  • Respect for diversity and choice

  • Valued roles and opportunities within community life

  • Careful listening, learning and responsiveness

  • Positive, caring approaches, and relationships

  • Collective reflection, evaluation and dialogue

Leadership Team


Ryan Geake



Lesli Peddie

Director of Operations


Bruce Howell

Director of Family Services

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