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The Community Support Team (CST) supports adults (18+) with a dual diagnosis to live fulfilling lives in the community. Providing wrap-around, person-centered supports to clients based on their needs, goals, interests and relationships, CST specializes in supporting people with mental health challenges and complex support needs to live and thrive. We see our individuals through a holistic, trauma-informed perspective, collaborating with clinicians who support both the physical and mental health needs of our clients, and are passionate about understanding complex support needs and finding creative, clinically-sound solutions to situations that may have been difficult in other service arrangements.


What does “dual diagnosis” mean?

The term “dual diagnosis” describes individuals with developmental disabilities who also live with a clinically diagnosed mental illness.

What supports are available to individuals with a dual diagnosis?

Individuals are eligible for support through the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program through the Community and Social Services Ministry of the Government of Alberta.

How can I or my loved one with a dual diagnosis get into CST supports?

Please speak with your PDD Service Coordinator or contact us!

Does CST support people outside of Calgary?

On a case-by-case basis, yes. Please speak with your PDD Service Coordinator and they will negotiate this with Calgary SCOPE Society, if possible.

How can I work for CST?

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