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Supporting individuals with disabilities across their lifespan

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Supporting individuals with disabilities across their lifespan

The Calgary SCOPE Society is a non-profit agency improving lives for persons with developmental disabilities in Calgary and area for over 30 years! SCOPE works with children, adults, seniors and families as respected, contributing members of Calgary’s communities.

The Calgary SCOPE Society works in alliance with people with disabilities, their families and friends, and other community members to understand problems and create solutions to personal and social justice issues.

Amazing work of our clients!

Jim has undertaken some amazing work on behalf of all AISH recipients. He has created a petition to have government not only increase AISH but promise to continually increase AISH at the same rate that inflation goes up each year.

He went to meet with his MLA today (Robyn Luft) to share his concerns and ask for her commitment to support his petition. She was very receptive and helpful and has committed to present the petition in the legislature once there are enough signature on it.

If you have not had the chance to sign the petition, please do so at the Calgary SCOPE Society front desk.

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